slip leads


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Slip leads are a tool that allow the dog to experience the world through his nose first, and his eyes and ears second. The nose controls 60% of the dog’s brain, so if we are able to help our pups rely more through their nose, we are already eliminating unnecessary conflict and negative experiences. The slip lead is placed at the top of the neck, positioned and locked behind the skull and between the ears. The slip lead helps us be able to control our dogs physically, but more importantly, mentally. By tapping into the brain as opposed to pulling on the leash to try and control our pups, we develop and strengthen our bond by placing the dog in a follower position as opposed to a leader position. Although not necessary, slip leads can also be turned into the “power loop” which is placed around the snout to add another form of pressure to help calm the mind and make our walks more enjoyable, for everyone!