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Monthly Pack Walk


Monthly Pack Walk Overview Free! As we know, dogs are pack animals and create strong bonds with their human pack and dog pack by walking (literally) through life together. Along with these pack walks you will start to create relationships with those walking beside you, and just like that, you have a new walking

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Group Classes


Group Classes Overview $25 - $75 **For pack members only** Depending on the class, you can join up to 30 dogs and their owners working on their relationship, leash manners, impulse control, and proper socialization skills around other dogs and people. Classes include but are not limited to: Large Group Class, Small Group Class,

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New Pack Members


New Pack Members Class Overview $100 This class is for new pack members who can’t wait for an individual session! I will be going over leash manners, crate training, place command, dog psychology, and how to deal with challenges inside and outside of the home. Dogs are welcome on leash, but not every dog

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Shadow Program


Shadow Program Overview $300 This is for you, the human, the owner, the handler! If you are a dog owner or simply just someone who wants to learn more about dog behavior, Bria offers a day shadow program that allows you to sit in on 3 private sessions for the day to watch how

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Day Trains


Day Trains Overview $300 Your dog will spend the day with a trainer, getting individual attention and working on specific challenges. This is a wonderful opportunity for your dog to come to class for the day and learn new skills or overcome current challenges that you as the owner will learn all about at

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1 on 1 Private Sessions


1 on 1 Private Sessions $200 paid for after session. Additional dog one time fee: $35 Private Sessions are 1 on 1 with Bria to work individually on any issue you may be having with your dog. I am in the building on the right, right after BMW. Drive down the driveway and I

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Puppy Class


Puppy Class Overview $500 This class is for puppies 2.5 months to 7 months of age. We will educate owners in dog psychology and how dogs learn and communicate while we teach you how to guide your pup through its very important imprint period! You will learn all about crate training, pressure/release, leash skills,

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